Twin Peaks Madness!

Since about Part 5 we decided to create a chart for our own use to map characters and relationships as the show proceeded, but once we started we couldn’t stop! We’ve cleaned up our original chart and have been keeping it current with weekly updates after each Part ever since.
Now we’re at Part 13 and this is what we’ve got:


  • DoppelCooper proves to be one hell of an arm-wrestler
  • We sadly put the Red X on that fucker Ray Monroe.
  • The Crown of Awesomeness remains with Audrey this week in honor of her return
  • Big Ed gets officially Friend Zoned
  • Carl remains SuperCarl
  • Anthony Sinclair goes after Dougie but gets cold feet
  • Richard Horne sees his Daddy, maybe
  • We learn more about why Norma is always doing the books, and the secret to her Cherry Pie