Welcome to EndGame Podcasts

Welcome to EndGame Podcasts, your source for what we hope will be informative and entertaining podcasts about pretty much most of our favorite shows. Like probably a lot of podcasts, we’d geek out about some TV show and laugh about how “we really should just do a podcast.”

And so we have.

We’ll record and post each episode’s podcast as soon as we can, but we do always give each episode at least two viewings before commenting on them officially. So at the latest by the following evening the podcast should be up.

And who are we?

We’re just a couple of friends – Tsar Misha lives in Maryland and Jambone in Massachusetts –  who like the same shows and would always geek out about them, always joking about how they really should just do a podcast, and who one day decided to stop dicking around and do a podcast. The day  after recording our first podcast we’d already decided to add five more shows! We’ll see how it goes…

The Americans Season Finale Fun

Here it is! In honor of the season finale of The Americans we present our host Tsar Misha photobombing Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin – for real! You can hear the whole story on our podcast on The Americans S5E13 – The Soviet Division

And if you’re not following us on Twitter @endgamepodcasts you’re missing more than half the fun! We’ll be live-tweeting during the season finale, and look who replied and reteeted one of our memes today: