The Americans S5E13 – The Soviet Division

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E13 – The Soviet Division
Written by Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg
Directed by Chris Long

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Wherein Pasha has a narrow escape, Pastor Tim hits the road, Tuan tells Phillizabeth he’s narc’d on them to his superiors but then gets a smackdown from Liz, the Renee Rorschach Test continues as she moves in with Stan due to “plumbing problems”, Evgheniya takes Pasha back home without Alexi, Martha gets a happy ending at last, Philizabeth decide to go home and wrestle with how to tell the kids, Henry gets accepted, Gennadi passes a test, Kimmy gets some bad news while Phillip learns some good news about her dad, and we learn how our host Tsar Misha got his picture taken in the Kremlin with Mikhail Gorbachev…

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