The Americans – Summertime Blues #14 – Season 2 Episode 1

Special Summertime Blues Podcast #14
A look back at Season 2, Episode 1: Comrades

Written by Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg
Directed by Thomas Schlamme

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This podcast contains unrestrained spoilers and references to future episodes and events – listen ONLY if you are completely caught up on the series!

Wherein EndGame hosts Jambone and Tsar Misha gladly admit their glorious defeat in trying NOT to do a recap of every single episode of the entire show as they continue on their exploration of many character arcs and themes that resonate throughout the entire series, noting how events in the first season both echo and foreshadow events to come in subsequent seasons. This week they look at the epic Season 2 Premiere, Episode 1 – Comrades.

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