The Americans S5E12 – The World Council of Churches

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E12 – The World Council of Churches
Written by Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg
Directed by Nicole Kassell

Wherein Pastor Tim gets a new gig and offers Phillizabeth some parting advice, Phillizabeth break the news to Claudia that they want to go home, Claudia raises the lingering question of the kids, Paige tries to un-cross herself, Henry cooks dinner, Pasha gets his ass kicked, Oleg saves the MarthaMart lady and has a heart-to-heart with Mom and Dad, and we learn that Tuan has gone off the reservation in a big, big way…

The Americans – S5E11 – Dyatkovo

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E11 – Dyatkovo
Written by Joshua Brand
Directed by Steph Green

Wherein Phillip agrees to let a cold-opening Henry go to boarding school, Phillizabeth tells Claudia that Paige is OK with shuffling Pastor Tim off to South America then Claudia tells Philizabeth that, yes, the Lassa virus was used as a weapon in Afghanistan, and that the Center wants them to whack a Nazi collaborator they’ve tracked to the Boston area, we FINALLY get that Henry-Mail Robot scene we’ve waited five seasons for, Phillizabeth track down and ultimately eliminate the collaborator, and we learn, perhaps, where Elizabeth’s breaking point is…

The Americans – S5E10 – Darkroom

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E10 – Darkroom
Written by Stephen Schiff
Directed by Sylvain White

Wherein a Chicago Locker-Shocker has the Morozovs pining for home, Claudia plays dumb and then tells Phillizabeth that Operation Topeka Honeypot will continue indefinitely, a star hockey player shoots the puck and carries a pouch the FBI are most interested in, Mikhail and Nadezhda get married, and Phillizabeth finally learn what good ol’ Pastor Tim really thinks about them…

The Americans S5E9 – IHOP

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
Written by Peter Ackerman
Directed by Dan Attias

Wherein Henry chooses Vaurnets over tie-dyes, Kimmie resurfaces just in time to turn legal while Phillip learns a disturbing secret from her father, Gabriel visits a familiar face in Moscow but gets an icy reception, Oleg chats with many different people, Stan gets pressured to pressure Oleg, and we learn where Tuan has gone …

The Americans S5E8 – Immersion

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E8 – Immersion
Written by Tracey Scott Wilson
Directed by Kevin Bray

Wherein  Claudia resumes her role, only a little bit differently this time, Henry shows up, albeit briefly, Philizabeth put their honeypotting ways on hold for a bit but Phillip gets dumped in the process, Standrholdt draw their new fly deeper into the FBI web, Oleg gets a cavity search, and Paige learns one of her mom’s darkest secrets…

The Americans – S5E7 – The Committee on Human Rights

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E7 – The Committee on Human Rights
Written by Hilary Bettis
Directed by Matthew Rhys

Wherein  Gabriel reminisces with Paige while Elizabeth beams and Phillip steams, Stan tries to have it both ways with Renee, the Great Wheat Hunt moves to Mississippi, Paige begins to hear the cry of the proletariat, Oleg does some digging, Paige breaks a heart, and we learn what Gabriel really thinks about recruiting a second-generation Jennings into the family business…

The Americans – S5E6 – Crossbreed

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E6 – Crossbreed
Written by Stephen Schiff
Directed by Roxann Dawson

Wherein  Gabriel tells Claudia that Misha is home, tells Philizabeth that he’s retiring, tells Elizabeth to keep banging the gorp guy, and  tells Phillip that he’s never going to be trusted by the Centre while Oleg does his job and cuts free, Standerholdt appears to get lucky,  Elizabeth gets more than a little introspective and we learn that she really, 53644is not into the whole Mary Kay thing…

The Americans – S5E5 – Lotus 1, 2, 3

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E5 – Lotus 1, 2, 3
Written by Joshua Brand
Directed by Noah Emmerich

Wherein Philizabeth both succeed in their Topeka missions but only Elizabeth truly scores some info, Mrs. Morozov gets a job, Paige gets mopey, Stan gets laid but is still edgy at work, Misha gets blown off, Phillip gets a fake beard, Oleg gets set up, and we learn where Henry has been all this time…

The Americans – S5E4 – What’s the Matter With Kansas?

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E4 – What’s the Matter with Kansas?
Written by Peter Ackerman
Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton

Wherein Philizabeth are assigned tag-team honeypoting in Topeka, Oleg has a TMI moment with his mom, Stan threatens to drop a truth bomb, Mischa takes Manhattan, Paige goes baby-spying, and we learn that Alexi secretely makes kvass in his basement…

The Americans – S5E3 – The Midges

Endgame Podcasts spies on The Americans
S5E3 – The Midges
Written by Stefan Schwartz
Directed by Tracey Scott Wilson

Wherein one of Philizabeth’s families goes bowling, Paige practices her magic trick on Mathew, Oleg gets to work but misses an important meeting, Stan and Aderholt strike out, Philizabeth go to Oklahoma but get bugged by a guy named Randy, and we learn that we should always, always ask…